Johan Asherton


Johan ASHERTON was born on January 3rd 1958 with classical musicians as parents.
He takes up the guitar while listening to Jimi HENDRIX and discovers Marc BOLAN through whom he defines his style a little: fragile but catchy melodies, poetry of the words and images.

From attempts to start groups to solitary experiences, Johan goes through the seventies, listens to Syd BARRETT and Nick DRAVE, as well as the DOORS and the VELVET UNDERGROUND, and takes a keen interst in electronic music.

Johan ASHERTON starts the FROGGIES in october 1983. Their first album: "Hour of the froggies" is released in spring 1984, "Get Frogg'd" is released the following year.

Their records are well received and the FROGGIES perform more and more, however the numerous changes of musicians will eventually weary Johan, and the band will last appear in front of an audience at the "Printemps de Bourges" festival in 1986.

Johan plays for some time within the short-lived LIQUID GANG, then records his first solo album: GOD'S CLOWN.


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